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Our intention for creating MODERN REPORTER is to equip todays contemporary media innovators and hi-tech journalists with the resources, networks and saavy insight that enables the 'average Joe' to engage social issues and topical subjects of concern in an effective manner.

This blog site among other alternative media formats engaged (i-radio, podcast, threads, web calendars, chats, teleconferences, etc) are intent on documenting the emergence of a new media ecosystem. Over the years I've talked about how citizens everywhere are getting together via the Internet and other unique mediums in unprecented ways to set the agenda for news, to "inform each other about hyperlocal and global issues, and to create new services in a connected, always-on society". In the twenty five years since my days at WZRD-FM Chicago and other experiences in participatory journalism (WLUP's Street Talk circa 1979) citizen media has grown from a promise to a legitimate presence in today’s media metasphere.

Thank you for checking out Modern Reporter. I hope you find it useful and contribute yours.
Michael D. Ratner, Editor - In - Chief


The 11 Layers of Citizen Journalism
A resource guide to help you figure out how to put this industry trend to work for you and your newsroom. It's one of the hottest buzzwords in the news business these days. Many news executives are probably thinking about implementing some sort of citizen-journalism initiative; a small but growing number have already done so. However, there's plenty of confusion about citizen journalism. What exactly is it? CLICK HERE

Documenting the movement: Films and Video Clips
Cambridge Community Television hosted a 3-month documentary production course that resulted in this short documentary on Citizen Journalism. The Project Documentary team includes: Jason Crow, Shaun Clarke, Darcie Deangelo, Amy Mertl, Buz Owen, Jason Ong, Matt Landry, Mayana Leocadio. Read what "" had to say about it:Citizen journalism film released online

Examples of local community news coverage,
info blogs, cyber life and citizen journalism:


Citizen Express a fine example of collective community citizen journalism An Easy Guide and Portal to Quality Blogs

ePluribus Media is a cooperative of citizen volunteers dedicated to researching issues of common concern and encouraging the highest standards of ethics and journalism.

Brattleboro is your original, locally-owned citizen journalism site. Read and write your own news, interviews, and more. Pick a Brattleboro story and cover it yourself or with friends. Inspiring, guiding, and educating citizen journalists and the news organizations that work with them. is a democratic journalism (citizen journalism) project., is a breaking news website which you are welcome to post on.

Know More Media publishes media business related information and news. Authors provide a broad spectrum of media knowledge, publishing on a continual basis.

Media Giraffe is a supplement blog website to The Media Giraffe Project at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Micro Persuasion
Steve Rubel explores how technology is revolutionizing PR and marketing.

Net Centric Advocacy strategy for the age of connectivity.

New Media Musings charts the rise of open source media and related developments.

Oh My News, the theory and practice of Citizen Journalism. daily alternative news, media and breaking news alternative underground conspiracies conspiracy and media from around the world, underground breaking news.


Resources and Key Links:

Alternative Press Index offers an extensive directory of links and information about alternative media and other resources.

Alternative Net News Sources

Annual Citizen Journalism Scholarship Contest

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication

Center for Media & Democracy
Tools for Citizen Journalism SOURCE WATCH PROJECT

Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition

Cyber Journalist (OJA e-publication)

Free Speech TV

GOOGLE News Media Journalism Directory

Independent Media Post Centers

Institute for Interactive Journalism

Literary Zines Printed/Online Journals

Online News Association
PO Box 2022, Radio City Station
New York, NY 10101-2022 . phone: 646-290-7900

Modern Reporter Toolbox

Non-Mainstream Magazine List

Periodicals Online

Public Journalism Network

Publishing Spot
Devoted to publishing, publishers and to those who craft the written word

Poynter Reporter Resource Center

WE MEDIA 2.0 American Press Institute

Weekly Newspapers (Alternative Variety USA)

YOU TUBE Post and watch your own videos for free.

Zine World, a reader's guide to the underground press.

Progressive Print Periodicals
Asheville Global Report
The Advocate
The Boston Review Briarpatch (Canada)
Canadian DimensionConscious Choice
Die Tageszeitung
Dissident Voice
Dollars & Sense
Eat the State! (Seattle)
FAIR Faklen / The Torch Global Alternative
Granma International
In Context
India Left Online
In Motion Magazine
In These Times
Japan New Observer
Jinn: The Online
Labor Notes La Raza (Chicago)
Le Monde Diplomatique
Left Business Observer
LIP Lip Magazine
Making The Links
Monthly Review
Multinational Monitor
The Nation Digital
New Left Review
New Politics
New Internationalist
off our backs
Pacific News Service
The Progressive
Race Traitor
Rachel's Weekly
Radical History Review
Ragged Edge The Radical Teacher
The Realist
RebeliĆ³n (Spain)
Red Pepper (UK)
RedNet Press Rethinking Schools
SchNews Shout
Synthesis/Regeneration SF Bay Guardian
Seattle Weekly
Shepherd Express
Texas Observer
The Stranger
Utne Reader
The Valley Advocate
Village Voice
Washington Free Press
Women's Review of Bks

Weblogs and related web sites
Participatory Journalism
Research, Organizations, Publications
PR, Marketing, Corporate Blogging
Social Software, Knowledge Management
Online Community
RSS, ATOM, XML Syndication
Knowledge Management
Network Theory
Copyright, Digital Rights
Forums, Discussion Groups
Video Blogging
Photo Sharing and Photo Blogging
Screencasting and Sharing
RSS, Atom, XML Syndication
Social Bookmarking
P2P, File Sharing
Collaborative Publishing
Collaborative Writing and Editing
Print on Demand, Self-publishing

Media Critics
Disinformation - Says that "you are being lied to" and "everything you know is wrong." Whether or not that's the case, don't believe everything you read. []
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) - Points out the "media practices that marginalize public interest, minority and dissenting viewpoints"
I Want Media - News about the media
MCS: The Media and Communications Studies Site - Directory of media outlets and critical studies of the media
Media - Commentary on the news and the media that report it
Media Matters
On the Media - A public radio program examining current media and news reporting
Romanesko's Media News - Frequent updates on what's happening in media. Can be a bit inside baseball for most. From the site for journalists:

More Media Links Media Channel FAIRThe Indy Press Media Democracy DayIGC's List of Pubs Viking's Guide Afrikan Frontline Network Ass. For Prog. Comm. Reporters Sans FronteresAlliance For Comm. Media Alternative Press Center American Journalism Review Chicano Press Association Common Dreams Corporate WatchDirect Action Network HYPE Intl Forum for Ind Media Intl News ResourcesMAP The Omnivore

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